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Diva Spa

Exfoliating sugar scrub.

Exfoliating sugar scrub.

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The scrub is designed to be kind to the skin whilst also exfoliating, removing dead skin.  Can be used on the face & body.

Vegan and cruelty free


Sucrose, cocos nucifera Coconut) oil fragrance, benzyl alcohol and dehydoretic acid.


(STEP 1) Begin with wet skin.

Using warm water, moisten your skin. This can be as easy as standing under the showerhead for a few minutes. For the best results, bump the temperature of the water up a little bit, not too hot to burn you though! Warmer water helps to open up the pores allowing you to gently remove more dirt, oil, and dead/dry skin that may have accumulated in the pores.

(STEP 2) Apply the scrub and massage into the skin.

Using your favourite sugar scrub apply a generous amount to the area of your skin you want to exfoliate. If your skin is especially sensitive, work slowly in small circles with very little pressure. Let the scrub do the work. There is no reason scrub like you are working on a dirty pan. Your skin is more delicate than you may know.

(STEP 3) Rinse with warm water.

After you have massaged the sugar scrub into the skin, rinse thoroughly with warmer water. This time the warmer water will help to keep the pores open for a cleaner rinse. You do not want to defeat the purpose of using an exfoliant only to trap some in your pores, leading to breakouts

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