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Diva Spa

Foot care miniature gift set.

Foot care miniature gift set.

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Looking for a foot care system but want to try first? Then why not try our trial set?

In this set you will get

1 pair of moisturising socks

1 pedicure bath

1 pedicure exfoliant

1 vitamin e moisturising manicure cream. Its just a moisturising cream so can be used on hands and feet.



Firstly soak your feet in our divine smelling soothing pedicure bath. The peppermint is so relaxing. Then using a small amount of our exfoliating cream rub onto your skin in circular movements taking extra care on your heels and ball of foot. Wash off. Then smoothe our moisturising vitamin e cream into your feet and put on the socks. For best results do before bed and wear the socks over night. Then once finished wash the socks using the washing Instructions. 

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