About Us - Meet The Team

Claire McGurk - CEO & Owner 

The Award Winning and dynamic Owner and CEO of Diva Spa, embarked on her online entrepreneurial journey in 2021, driven by an unwavering passion for skincare. Her dedication goes beyond curating the finest products; she crafts her own, ensuring the highest standards of quality.

Every creation is rigorously tested in CPSR labs, comprehensively insured, and fully CLP compliant where required.

In addition to her thriving online presence, Claire oversees a thriving brick-and-mortar establishment, a testament to her business acumen. It's remarkable to reflect on how this remarkable journey began with a modest selection of nail wraps and press-on sets, ultimately giving rise to the flourishing empire that is Diva Spa.

Annette Hopkins - Crystal Therapist/ BP

Annette Hopkins, Diva Spa's esteemed In-House Qualified Crystal Therapist and valued Business Partner, shares a longstanding friendship with Claire. Her profound expertise in crystals and Crystal Therapy guarantees that Diva Spa offers nothing but the utmost in quality, accompanied by authentic and reliable information. With Annette at the helm, clients can trust that they are receiving not only exquisite crystals but also the invaluable insights that come with them. Her presence is a cornerstone in upholding Diva Spa's commitment to excellence.


Rona Wood - Managing Director

Rona, with an extensive 20-year background in MLM, brings a wealth of experience to our team. She successfully operated her own Small Business Boutique for several years before integrating her clothing line into Diva Spa. Her unwavering passion for skincare was a natural fit with Diva, and since joining, she's been driving us forward.Rona takes charge of ensuring seamless operations for the Website, Company, and our Diva Team. She places great emphasis on the well-being, training, and support of our Ambassadors. Looking ahead, she will collaborate with Claire in the production of our skincare products.

In addition, Rona takes a keen interest in overseeing all aspects of Graphics and Branding, ensuring Diva Spa maintains a polished and professional company theme. Her dedication and expertise play a crucial role in shaping the identity of our brand.

Rosie Lawton - Social Media Manager

Rosie's introduction to Diva Spa began with a purchase from one of our dedicated Ambassadors. Instantly captivated by our Press On Nail sets, Rosie, a devoted mother of three, expressed that they not only added a touch of beauty to her busy life but also made her feel truly special. This initial affection soon blossomed into a deep appreciation for our entire product line. Her unwavering dedication and passion propelled her through the ranks within Diva Spa's promotional structure. Rosie's affinity for the company runs so deep that she generously volunteered to take on the crucial role of Social Media Manager, further enhancing Diva Spa's online presence and community. Her story stands as a testament to the profound impact Diva Spa has on its patrons.

Carly Vickers - Nail Technician 

Carly embarked on her nail journey in 1991, delving into the world of fibreglass and acrylics through personalized training with NSI and Ka-Sa-Ra. Initially, she catered to a clientele primarily comprised of mobile and home-based appointments until she took the momentous step of establishing her own nail salon in Elmers End. This venture flourished until 2003, when her lease came to an end.

Throughout her time as a salon owner, Carly pursued further education at Carshalton College, enriching her knowledge in Beauty Therapy. She also honed her skills through courses at the Jessica Nail Academy, mastering the art of manicures. Over the years, she engaged in a variety of one-day workshops with Capital and Salon Services, expanding her expertise in nails, nail art, lashes, and brows—areas she is currently in the process of refreshing.

Carly is now a cherished addition to the Diva Spa team, serving as our In-House Nail Technician. Her role involves sharing her wealth of knowledge, providing expert advice, and delivering top-notch training to our staff and clients alike. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have Carly contribute her exceptional skills to enhance the quality of service at Diva Spa.


Grace Kennedy - Social Media Manager 

Grace became part of the Diva Spa family driven by a genuine fascination for our products. Her enthusiasm not only resonated with her customers but also propelled her swiftly up the promotional ladder. She built a dedicated team and devoted considerable effort to refining our lucrative compensation plan.

Grace's love for the company, its products, and the team she's surrounded by, ultimately led her to express her desire to contribute even more. She sought to invest her time and skills in aiding Diva's growth by taking on the role of Social Media Manager for the company's page. Her dedication and passion are invaluable assets to our continued success.

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Inactive Ambassadors

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