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Diva Spa

Valentines Gift Set by Diva Spa

Valentines Gift Set by Diva Spa

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Valentines Day by Diva Spa Gift Set


Introducing our Pampering Bliss Gift Set, a luxurious self-care experience packed with essentials for a soothing bath time ritual. This set includes a versatile 3-in-1 shower gel, shampoo, and bubble bath, ensuring a refreshing cleanse from head to toe. Accompanied by a meticulously crafted handmade crochet face flannel, adding a touch of elegance to your skincare routine. To complete the experience, indulge in our invigorating shower sizzler for a delightful sensory escape. Elevate your bath time with this thoughtfully curated collection, perfect for moments of relaxation and rejuvenation.

1x 100ml 3in1 Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath 

1x Shower Sizzler Approx 98g 

1x Randomly selected colour crochet flannel.


Seaweed & Juniper

This unisex fragrance is fantastically fresh and invigorating. The clean juniper berries are surrounded by citrus pear and green tea with slight floral hints of amber giving way to a sea spray twist.

Sage & Sea Salt

A fresh, musky, misty scent bringing to mind refreshing ocean waves throwing sea salt spray into the air. Similar to a popular designer fragrance.

Wellness Shower

A clean and calming botanical scent good for the soul, notes of blue lavender, juniper, crisp eucalyptus and sandalwood with subtle hints of bergamot and cedarwood all wrapped up in a comforting warm amber.

Lavender & Bergamot

These two scents blend together perfectly creating an amazing relaxing citrusy scent with floral undertones.

Lavender & Eucalyptus

A Soothing, calming relaxing scent that encourages de stressing and relaxation. Delicate lavender with hints of warming eucalyptus blended with juniper and Cornish sea salt.

Spa Day

An invigorating subtle blend of thyme and basil with undertones of lime, neroli and sweet orange all all blended with rich patchouli and and eucalyptus.


A unisex light and breezy fragrance with hints of bergamot, citrus, lime, honeysuckle and sandalwood all rolled up in a beautiful, musky amber.

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