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Handcrafted Rose Quartz Fidget Bracelet .

Handcrafted Rose Quartz Fidget Bracelet .

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Our crystal wellbeing range has been crafted in close collaboration with a crystal therapist. Our jewellery designer has handcrafted a beautiful Rose Quartz Fidget Bracelet, featuring an 8 mm grade A Rose Quartz round bead and small silver accent beads, threaded onto a leather cord for comfortable wear. Fasten the bracelet securely by sliding the knots apart. Each purchase comes with a card for your reference. Rolling the beads between your fingers can help you relax when feeling anxious.


Not only does the bracelet help with a calming effect it also has the properties listed below.

Rose quartz - promotes love,  compassion, self love, forgiveness, healing, abundance, confidence, fertility and harmony.

It is also  the gem of the fifth wedding anniversary and is associated with the planet Venus. Rose Quartz benefits people who are born under Libra and Taurus zodiac signs. This beautiful gemstone strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system thereby releasing impurities from the body.




The information provided above and the healing properties attributed to a crystal should not be taken as an alternative to seeking medical advice. Always consult your Doctor if you have symptoms that persist or worry you.

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