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Diva Spa

Manifesting Crystal Box

Manifesting Crystal Box

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We've collaborated with a professional crystal therapist to provide you with a selection of crystals specifically tailored to holistic wellbeing. Our Manifesting Crystal Box includes four crystals known for their energizing and clarifying properties, plus cards that explain each crystal's contribution to manifestation.


In this manifesting  box the crystal's are as follows.

Tigers eye - Grounding - Perception  - Insight - - Creativity - Strength - Balance - protection- intuition - Good fortune.

Pyrite - Concentration- Divination - Luck - Revealong Deceit - Relationships - protection - Emhancing Skills.

Obsidian - Grounding - protection - truth -  Banishing - Divination - Cleansing - Transformation - Creativity .

Citrine - promotes vision, creativity, willpower, confidence, happiness, energy, success and prosperity.


The information provided above and the healing properties attributed to a crystal should not be taken as an alternative to seeking medical advice. Always consult your Doctor if you have symptoms that persist or worry you.

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