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Glitter Press-on Nails

Glitter Press-on Nails

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These are our budget range press on nails. These are not handpainted and hand designed like our luxury range.

Set of 24 nails 12 sizes in a box 

Using the sticky glue tabs select bail size and press on nails  alternatively use nail glue (not supplied)

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To Use

Wash and dry hands thoroughly. Using the orange stick push your cuticles back. Using the nail file lightly buff the surface of your nail to remove oils and to get a surface for the press on to adhere to.

Using the wipe included in your box wipe the surface your nail and leave dry.

Decide which nail tab you want (clear are for a few hours wear, ones with the white paper backing are the stronger
ones) find a tab that fits you and press onto your nail, remove the film on the top of the tab. then find the press on nail that fits and press it on, holding for at least 20 seconds.

Repeat until you have a full set on.

Alernatively you can use nail glue for longer wear not included.

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