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Protection Crystal Box

Protection Crystal Box

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Our team has collaborated with a renowned crystal therapist to provide you with a selection of crystal wellbeing products. This Protection Crystal Box contains four crystals that are believed to protect, as well as informational cards detailing each crystal's purported benefits.


In this this box the crystal's are as follows.

Smoky Quartz - Purifying - Cleansing - Banishing  - Calming - Protection  - Protection- - Focus - Strength.

Labradorite - enlightenment  - Banishing  - Calming - Protection  - Sheilding - Happiness -  Bringer of Joy.

Prehnite - Willpower - Motivation  - Achievement  - Personal power - Dreams - Stabailises Emotions.

Obsidian - Grounding - protection - truth -  Banishing - Divination - Cleansing - Transformation - Creativity .



The information provided above and the healing properties attributed to a crystal should not be taken as an alternative to seeking medical advice. Always consult your Doctor if you have symptoms that persist or worry you.

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